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Who Are The Rhoers?

The Rhoer Club is a youth group affiliate of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. that addreses the crucial issues facing young women today.

The Rhoer Club was organized to encourage high scholastic attainment and the development of leadership skills. Clubs are comprised of high school aged young women.

Promoting sisterhood is the key uniting factor of the Rhoer Club. If you want to get to know yourself better and learn to work with other young women, the Rhoer Club is for you.

The Rhoer Club is a diverse group of young women that know who they are and want to help the community. Being a Rhoer is hard work but a lot of fun because you get to travel and meet all types of people.

The Rhoer Club has hundreds of members nationwide that are involved in community service, educational and social activities throughout the year.

How Are Rhoer Clubs Structured?
Rhoer Clubs are sponsered by chapters of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority on a local level. Rhoers get to attend regional conferences once a year and a national convention every other year. Therefore, Rhoers get to meet their sisters from neighboring states and from all over the country at the national convention.
What Do Rhoers Do?

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. is dedicated to helping each Rhoer by:

  • Encouraging higher educational and career aspirations by making them aware of current facts concerning women in the workplace, career choices and resources for college placement
  • Encouraging them to plan for economic self sufficiency by teaching them personal financial management
  • Encouraging them to delay motherhood by increasing their knowledge about the economic, social, emotional and physical costs of child bearing
  • Discourage self-destructive behaviors such as drug/alcohol abuse, pregnancy or dropping out of school, by increasing a girl's self esteem

Rhoers complete a Rites of Passage Program which includes various levels of achievement that help them to understand their purpose and responsibility to their community. They are taught the skills needed to visualize and realize positive goals for their lives.

Community service projects and national Rhoer Club Projects are the main work of the Club, but social get-togethers, like slumber parties and movies round out their activities.

Rhoer Facts:
Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
Motto: "Sisters Forever"
Shield: Captial "R", on top of a Torch, (click here to view)